Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here’s what watch out for before you buy a new car

1. What engine size do you want?
What is under the hood is as important as what you see on the outside and what you do not see under the vehicle. A slow under-powered car can be very irritating if you travel long distance often. If you only require the car to get to the office 10 kilometers away in frustrating jams then a smaller, more economical engine is best.

2. How much money must you spend on a car?

You must first and foremost decide your short-term and long-term obligations. How much money can you spare without changing your lifestyle? If you have saved up and the cash is in the bank, then you have an even bigger trouble because there is nothing worse than having money at the ready and a list of gorgeous cars calling out to you.

3. How many seats do you require?
The passengers you expect to carry helps you determine the number of seats your new car must have. Your wife is expecting and you will now have three at the back with the child seat taking up most of the space. Count a house-help and you have it. You are looking at a 7-seater.

4. How long do you plan to keep the car?
If you plan to sell the car after two or three years what do you expect to get for it and will that amount go into financing your next car? If the answer is yes then you should ensure the value of your car is going to hold. Some cars lose about 50per cent in the first year while others hold up to 80per cent.

5. Will you be taking a loan or are you self-financing?
Today most financial institutions are offering unsecured loans so you are not obliged to buy a car that is less than 5 years old although it is recommended. This means you can afford that car of your choice. Take your time to do your homework. You might be better off with a new car than forking out millions only to have eternal mechanical troubles.

6. What’s the condition of the roads you often use?
The roads are your link to your destination. What are they like on your regular way? The car you choose must have the neccesary ground clearance to keep away from the annoying battering of the undercarriage. You must also pick out the size of rim and tyre carefully. Low profile tyres look nice but will cost you thousands of shillings to replace.

7. Are you looking for a diesel or petrol powered engine?

This is a very puzzling decision to make. Diesel engines are very efficient and the new generation ones are quiet and environmental friendly. Bigger engines consume less while smaller engines perform better. If your do high mileage then you will need an engine that goes longer without needing service.

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