Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daihatsu releases new compact gasoline car on market

Daihatsu releases new compact gasoline car

Daihatsu Motor Co. began marketing its new compact car "Mira e:S," the most fuel efficient non-hybrid gasoline car on the market.

The car runs around 30 kilometers to the liter, and is Daihatsu's try to capture a share of the green car market with an extremely efficient gasoline car. Such cars have been called the "third" type of green car after hybrids and electric vehicles.

"We've returned to the things that create compact cars appealing. Low price, good fuel economy, and little use of resources and forced them to the limit," said Daihatsu President Koichi Ina at an announcement of the Mira e:S's sale in Tokyo. In add-on to superb fuel economy, the Mira e:S's price tag has been kept low, with prices starting at 795,000 yen.

The car carries a new engine with enhanced fuel-burning efficiency and a function that turns off the engine automatically when speed drops to seven kilometers per hour or lower. By finding ways to decrease the number of parts, engineers made the car around 60 kilograms lighter, or about 8 percent lighter, than earlier cars in the Mira line.

To maintain prices down, Daihatsu used parts from Chinese and South Korean makers for the first time. "We cannot permit our company to be adversely affected by foreign exchange rates," said Ina, who expressed his intent to increase imports of parts from abroad.

"Interest in compact cars has grown-up, and we are expect a boost in demand," said Ina. The company predicts high sales of the new car: 120,000 for the first year, and 50,000 for the rest of this year.

The company plans to initiate technology used in the Mira e:S into other car models, including ones made and sold in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Renault’s Clio generation coming to Paris Auto Show

Renault logo

With the Frankfurt Motor Show not even over, Renault’s officials are preparing for the next year’s Paris event, declaring that the fourth generation of the popular Clio model will be officially presented in France.

Renault’s product manager, Beatrice Foucher, proclaimed at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the new Clio generation will also get “an athlete”, in the form of a Renault sport version, while it will still be saving the planet by using a downsized turbocharged engine.

Renault’s product manager, Beatrice Foucher

“Look to the new Twingo for even more clues, such as the more technical headlights, large diamond logo and black gloss grille”, said Beatrice Foucher. “It will be a real wide car and much lower too.

There is always a bigger volume for the five-door car. It is expensive to invest in a three-door and you make less money on it, so it’s not as profitable”, added the Renault official.


The French automaker says that the new Clio generation is inspired by the DeZir Concept and Renault’s designers, in their turn, say that the DeZir Concept was inspired by Aston Martin V8 Vantage, so now we are truly peculiar what the new Clio will look like.

This is all we now for now about the new model which will enter Renault’s line-up starting from next year and unluckily, with the Frankfurt Motor Show keeping them busy, the French didn’t release any images or even sketches of the future Clio.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hyundai to Introduce New Electric vehicle make in China

hyundai China logo

New Electric Cars for China

Hyundai's been on the ascendency these past few years, and they've decided to make a new electric vehicle brand only for the Chinese market, in partnership with Beijing Automotive (the Chinese government normally forces companies from outside the country to form joint ventures with local companies, mostly as a way to transfer technology).

Plans are to start marketing the first electric car from the new brand in the first half of 2012, which means they've been working on it awhile, or it’s based on another EV model that Hyundai plans to release elsewhere. And maybe the Chinese experience will help make EVs more affordable around the world...

China has been encouraging its automakers to jump into the growing market of hybrid and electric cars so they will be able to vie with global competitors. The Chinese government said earlier that it will invest more than 100 billion Yuan (US$15.5 billion) to help nurture the new car industry over 10 years, opening this year.

In May, the Chinese government begin a plan to subsidize private purchases of alternative fuel cars in five cities Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changchun, Hefei and Shenzhen offering carmakers up to 50,000 yuan for each plug-in hybrid car and a maximum of 60,000 yuan for each full electric vehicle.

Chen Qingquan, chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association

Chen Qingquan, chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association, projected that the volume of new energy vehicles will attain 500,000 by 2015 in China and double to 1 million by 2020.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Skoda Mission L Concept Brought out

Skoda Mission L concept car front view

Skoda will be unveiling a new concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, called the Mission L.

This C-segment sedan is based on the car maker’s new design language, and appears to be a more production-ready version of the Vision D revealed before in the year. When you consider the car from the side you clearly find the cues inherited from the D, especially the taillights, and the rear hatch.

Skoda Mission L concept car side view

The unique shape of the body gives it the profile of a sedan but with added practicality, as the rear window opens with the trunk lid, like the old Citroen Xantia.

Distinctive design features include the signature grille, and the LED headlights, which will likely make it into production entire.

No words on the technical specs yet. For that we should wait for the Frankfurt show.