Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Renault’s Clio generation coming to Paris Auto Show

Renault logo

With the Frankfurt Motor Show not even over, Renault’s officials are preparing for the next year’s Paris event, declaring that the fourth generation of the popular Clio model will be officially presented in France.

Renault’s product manager, Beatrice Foucher, proclaimed at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the new Clio generation will also get “an athlete”, in the form of a Renault sport version, while it will still be saving the planet by using a downsized turbocharged engine.

Renault’s product manager, Beatrice Foucher

“Look to the new Twingo for even more clues, such as the more technical headlights, large diamond logo and black gloss grille”, said Beatrice Foucher. “It will be a real wide car and much lower too.

There is always a bigger volume for the five-door car. It is expensive to invest in a three-door and you make less money on it, so it’s not as profitable”, added the Renault official.


The French automaker says that the new Clio generation is inspired by the DeZir Concept and Renault’s designers, in their turn, say that the DeZir Concept was inspired by Aston Martin V8 Vantage, so now we are truly peculiar what the new Clio will look like.

This is all we now for now about the new model which will enter Renault’s line-up starting from next year and unluckily, with the Frankfurt Motor Show keeping them busy, the French didn’t release any images or even sketches of the future Clio.