Thursday, January 19, 2012

7 Most Unusual Road Signs

7 Most Unusual Road Signs
We have all seen our fair share of unusual things while we drive.What we aren’t used to is proper road signs throwing us for a loop. There are plenty of crazy signs you may see on a trip across the country. Here are a few of them.

No Hitchhikers

There is a sign that reads “Correctional Facility Area: Do not Pick up Hitchhikers.” Well, this sign is not only unusual, but it’s also highly necessary. It’s one thing to be a Good Samaritan, but it’s another to pick up a guy who should be serving 25-to-life.

No Explosives
“No explosives” is a rule that shouldn’t have to be put on a sign, but one that was anyway. The location of this sign is unknown, but it exists, and you may want to steer clear of any area where you see it.

No Falling Limbs

“Warning: Limbs May Fall” is not exactly what you want to see on your journey through an area, but it’s nice that they’re making it known. Of course, this sign isn’t as bad as the “Falling Rocks” sign you might see elsewhere, but if the limb is big enough, it could be a problem. If your car encounters a big limb, it could affect your auto insurance rates.

Message to Dogs

Vancouver certainly has a sense of humor. In a sign made to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets, there’s also a message for the pups themselves: “Grrrr, bark, woof. Good dog.” Clearly, this sign is an attempt at being cute. It’s certainly original because you’ll never see a sign like this anywhere else.

No Fun

Santa Cruz is supposed to be a pleasant place to visit. However, one sign outlaws almost everything from pets to driving to playing ball. In reality, these are necessary to outlaw in the area, but putting them on a sign only makes you think of doom and gloom.

Beware of Tanks

You’ve heard of deer, dog and duck crossings, but tanks? Yes, apparently there are some places in the world where a tank will cross your path. Clearly, any collision with the tank means bad news for you and not for the tank, so this sign is strictly for your benefit.

Beware of Your Grandpa

Yes, there is a sign somewhere that reads “Beware of Elderly Crossing.” This sign tops even the tank sign. It’s only right to respect your elders, especially when they’re crossing the street.
These signs might be unusual, but they’re around to help you, so be informed and enjoy the next time you drive past one.