Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warners Move toggles to Toyota

Warners Transport Company - The most important Perth-based transport company has improved its operation in the year 2011 after switching to Toyota forklifts.

Warners Move company focuses in small to large scale transportation and warehousing services for a broad variety of clients across many different industries that also includes the West Australian mining sector.

According to co-owner Shane W`rner the company endows in a fleet of new Toyota forklifts and arrives at trucks to put back those of another brand and immediately collected the benefits last year.

Warner said that they put the forklifts through a tough job and they are tremendously consistent and easy to operate - overall they're a real step-up for our day-to-day operations. He also added that Toyota forklifts have a standing for the best excellence in the industry, and that was an important feature to us as permanence over a 10-year period is an absolute must.

Warners Transport company has acquired four 32-8FG25 forklifts and one 32-8FG30 with container poles to meet the difficulty of its hectic Welshpool warehouse, where forklift operators all move between five to 20 containers per day.

Warner said that our large workload becomes more manageable because of the safety features and running performance of the Toyota forklifts and in addition he said that my operators have told me the equipments are quieter and more easy to use with easier controls than those we previously used.

Warner told that Toyota forklifts are also better balanced and more constant when cornering, which is very important when heaving such heavy loads.

Warner adds that a tall stage of service and sustain guarantees the forklifts remain in optimal running condition. Toyota represents a service schedule and they are in contact with us all the time to make sure the units execute correctly. Warner said that we will get a mechanic within an hour or two if we encounter a problem.