Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Opel Adam Officially Unveiled, Ready to Take on the Fiat 500 and Mini [30 Photos]

We don't know if Fiat should be flattered or annoyed by Opel's (and Vauxhall's) attempt to recreate the 500's success in more ways than one with its new "urban-chic small car" named Adam, which coincidentally or not, is the name of the company’s founder, Adam Opel.
While some will see traces of the Fiat 500's design here and there and even more so at the rear - as evidenced by our readers' comments in our previous story on the car, GM's European brand is quick to point out in its press blurb that "unlike other rivals", the Adam has a modern feel to it:
"But unlike other rivals in the segment, ADAM bucks the trend for retro-based design with a fresh and bold look that will appeal to open-minded individuals who want to defy convention with a car that’s distinctive and striking," says Opel.
Among other styling highlights underlined by Opel is the so-called "floating roof", which is visually disconnected from the body and can be ordered in two different shades that contrast the rest of the car.
The German carmaker and its British counterpart say that the Adam will be the first model in the A-segment to have the option of LED daytime running lights.